How to Choose Fabrics for Your Sewing Projects

Are you stuck in a pile of different kinds of fabric in all sorts of colors? Are you confused with all those combinations of fabrics and stitch counts? Are you hesitating about the kind fabric you want or should use in a sewing project you are currently working on?

Fabrics come in various materials and colors that anyone can imagine but the first thing you should consider is the preference of the person who is most likely to wear your output. A beautiful and successful sewing project requires time, effort, skills and adequate understanding or knowledge on fabric. Research on what kind of occasion the wearer will attend and if possible even the venue or location where it will be worn.

If you are into a certain sewing project and you want it to turn out great and magnificent, then it is very important for you to study the basics about fabric. Fabrics are divided into categories and sub-categories. The categories are natural fiber fabrics, man-made fiber fabrics, synthetic suedes, leathers and suedes, vinyls and furs. The natural fiber fabrics are categorized into the following: cotton, ramies, linen, silk, wool and other specialty hair fibers. While man-made fibers are sub-categorized into the following: acetate and triacetate, nylon, acrylic, olefin, rayon, spandex and polyester. Learn more about brother 1034d serger here which is an essential part of sewing.

Natural fiber fabrics are made from anything that grows in nature such as silkworm cocoons, plant leaves, stems, seeds or animal coats. These fabric at ate biodegradable and recyclable. Wool is considered as the most recycled fabric and also cotton which can be used as mattress filling or carpet backing.

Cotton is one of the most common kinds of fabrics used because of it comfort and versatility. It comes in all colors, weaves, prints and prices. This comes from the cotton plant seedpod grown in warm climates with plenty of rain. Cotton gets soiled easily because it easily absorbs any kind of liquid or moisture. It remains cool and comfortable even in a warm weather. The downside of cotton is that it shrinks so before using it on your sewing project, pre-shrink it by washing it more than once. Some examples of cotton fabrics are duck, flannel, flannelette, gingham, swiss, poplin, gauze and many more.

When cutting fabrics that have prints, take into consideration as to how you will cut the fabric because it will affect the design of the outfit. Use serrated shears when cutting lightweight fabrics and regular straight shears or rotary cutter for other cotton fabrics.

fabricAnother kind of fabric is a combination of South American and Thai Cottons that are firmly woven and if the fabric is made of vegetables dyes, then it can bleed. The bleeding or accidental blending of colors can be solved by adding ¼ cup of vinegar per gallon of water.

Choose the right kind of fabric for a certain event such as workday must be cool and comfortable like cotton, formal dinners or events must be thick and warm like wool, and many more. Colors or prints must be taken into consideration so that it will match the appearance of the person who will wear the outfit.

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Ways To Prepare And Cook Rice

25-beer-riceFor many people living in Asia, cooking rice is one of the first lessons they’ve learned in the kitchen. Although it’s an easy process, you’ll experience a culinary triumph once you’ve done it perfectly the first time. If you cook rice frequently, then it makes sense to purchase a rice cooker. However, you don’t have to buy one right now. A stove top is perfectly okay.

What type of rice you must use?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to the type of rice you use. It’s all just a matter of personal preference. However, you may find it difficult to choose the one that’s right for your taste because of the many varieties that you can find.

If you’re cooking for side dishes or soups, then long grain white or brown rice will do. When you’re preparing dishes with creamier characteristics, you may try short and medium grain rice. If you want to make rice puddings or sushi, then such variety is a perfect option.

Preparing The Rice For Cooking

If you’ve obtained an American-grown rice, then you don’t have to wash or rinse it before cooking. Most rice produced in the US is enriched in essential nutrients, like folic acid, iron, thiamin and niacin. When you rinse it, it’ll result in loss of enrichment. To know the proper way to prepare the rice, you must follow the directions presented on its label. Make sure you check out best rice cooker when buying one for your kitchen

However, if you can’t find directions, then the following methods may do the trick:

  1. Stovetop
  • Mix rice, water and salt or butter in a saucepan.
  • Heat it.
  • Stir it once or twice, depending on the variety of rice you’ve used.
  • Reduce the heat to medium low.
  • Let it simmer for another few minutes.
  • Fluff it with fork.

If the rice isn’t tender yet or if the liquid hasn’t been absorbed, then you should cook the rice for another two to four minutes.

  1. Oven

Another way to cook rice is through the oven. To start the cooking process, you’ll need to allow the liquid to boil before you combine the rice, liquid and salt. Stir it well. Then, cover it tightly. Bake it for 25 to 30 minutes at 350 degrees, if you’re using long grain white rice. On the other hand, if you’re cooking whole grain brown rice, then you’ll need to bake it for at least 30 minutes (40 maximum). Whole grain brown rice should be baked for about an hour.

Whatever option you choose on how to cook rice, you’ll need to follow the instructions found on the product’s package. This is to help you create perfect cooked rice.

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How to Use the Foam Roller

Muscle injuries are common among athletes and sports enthusiasts. Proper training and execution of routines may lessen the chances of getting injured, but there are muscle injuries that cannot be avoided such as overworked and overstretched muscles. On these occasions, foam rollers are one of the used devices to alleviate the pain caused by the injury.

Foam rollers are bands of special foam wrapped around a plastic tube used commonly by therapists or sport professionals to reduce the stress on the muscles. It is best applied on overstretched hamstrings, gluteus, and many other muscles. Foam rollers, however, do not cure or heal the injured muscle but it helps in the recovery and it reduces the pain.

To use a foam roller, you need to know the ruling concept behind this product. First, foam rollers as the name indicates, work by rolling over the injured area. Since it rolls, it effectively reaches and soothes muscle sores and fatigue.

Second key concept is weight and pressure. You do not just roll the foam roller against your injured leg or aching back. Stretches are device to optimize use of foam rollers. There can be so many stretches depending on the area you wanted to use the foam rollers on. But the as mentioned, the concept here is weight and pressure.

To use a foam roller, you need to lie on your back or your sides, as long as your weight can be directed towards the injured area. Then you can place the foam roller between the injured are and the ground, and use your body weight to exert pressure.

Top Pressure Cooker Brands in the Market

pressurecookerAre you in search of the best Pressure Cooker brands and labels in the market? There can be so many to choose from and merely basing your choice on the product labels may get you wrong. So which pressure cooker brands are most trusted and recommended?

The best pressure cooker for you may depend on your demands and preferences. So here are the Top Four Pressure Cooker Brands you can rely on.

Fagor is one of the leading Kichen Innovation Solutions Experts. The 6-quart electric pressure cooker of Fagor is one of the most advanced available in the market. It has automatic pressure-release mechanism for your protection and it has a wider range of functions. You can select the accurate pressure needed for your food as well as control the pressure by automatic valves and buttons.

Kuhn Rikon
Kuhn Pressure Cookware boasts its sophisticated automatic lid-lock system and five built-in pressure-release systems. This secures that no accidents may occur in your kitchen. It is also allows cooking using less or no oil at all and it retains the freshness and nutrient value of food. Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers also speeds up cooking up to two-thirds of the normal cooking time.

Presto Pressure Cookers are the pioneers of style and versatility. Presto Pressure Cookers come in 4-quart, 6-quart, and 8-quart sizes ideal for home use. Presto Pressure cookers also allow you to cook more recipes while retaining the quality and freshness of the foods. Presto is also equipped with automatic lid-lock and other pressure release systems to ensure your safety.

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Tips When Playing the Mahalo Ukulele

The ukulele is a wonderful instrument to play with and it is getting more and more popular than ever. If you are one of those people who are fascinated with this stringed instrument, then here are some tips for you.

When you want to play the ukulele, one important tip is to pay attention to the string. Brands like Worth and Aquila re the quality ones and they produce amazing sound as compare to the generic ones. When you buy a uke, you can start playing it with the strings it comes with but after a while, you might want to upgrade it to better ones like what I mentioned earlier. Strings that come with the uke upon purchase will normally stretch after a while and will require upgrading.

There are two pays to play the ukulele. You can either do it by ear or by knowing how to read the tabs. It is best to be good in both especially with reading tabs. Learn how to read music with the tabs and you can go a longer way in terms of the music you play.

Play slow at the beginning when you are trying to learn a song. It is better to start with a low speed and then increase it a bit once you have master the song. When you start at a fast pace, it might be harder to correct your errors.

It is also helpful if you record the songs or music you are playing. You can better evaluate yourself on what improvements you need to do if you can hear yourself play.

Be conscious too of how you hold your ukulele. That can affect the volume and the quality of the sound you are making. Go to youtube and watch how professionals do it.

Great Rendition of I’m Yours by Jason Mraz on Ukulele.

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Tattoo Designs and Ideas

geisharibtattooIf you are looking for the best tattoo designs on the web, we highly recommend you stop wasting your time looking for free images on the web and cookie cutter type of designs. When it comes to your body art, don’t go cheap as it will forever stay on your body. It is definitely permanent; there might be new technology to remove them but they can be expensive. You would not want to go through that route.

The best thing is to go for paid website gallery online that has quality tattoo art. They have complete categories to choose from such as tribal, old school, flowers, butterfly, angels, pin up girl and more. Our number recommended tattoo gallery is Miami Ink Tattoo Gallery. This has more than 25,000 tattoo designs to choose from. You will literally get overwhelmed with the choices you have once you sign up for the membership. For $17 for a lifetime membership, it is a no brainer that this is a great deal.

Another awesome tattoo gallery is TattooMeNow. Even though this has only around 5,000 tattoo designs to offer, it has interesting features that any tat enthusiast may find interesting. This is considered a private community for body art lovers. It has a forum where anyone can post and ask questions about tattoo. It has a tattoo parlor locator where you can locate the closest shop in your area. It has funny tattoo videos and documents to help those looking to get tattooed the first time.

Hairstyles that Attract Men – Find Out Which One

hairstyleMost women spend hours in beauty salons to have their hair styled and make them more attractive. But before those scissors touch your hair, there are several things you need to know, the hairstyles that attract men.

Aside from your body curves and sexy body built, the nest thing men find most attractive about women is their hairstyle. And according to the respondents of a poll in Unites States, here are the hairstyles that men find most attractive.

Long and Flowing Wavy Hair

The recent poll revealed that men find long and flowing wavy hair the sexiest and most attractive. In general men love long hair flowing freely down your back. It gives them the impression that you are cool and confident about your appearance. So if you have that long hair, get your rollers and start curling your hair.

Long and Straight

The hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston placed second. Classy men find long, straight, and silky hair attractive. It gives the impression of a well-bred personality as well as being neat and orderly.

Classical Short Bob
Rihanna sure is sexy and attractive as well as her hairstyle. Classical Short Bob is next in line of the most attractive hairstyle for men. This hairstyle gives emphasis on the jaws and facial attributes of a lady. But this hairstyle does not fit everybody, some considerations should be made before you try this hairstyle.

Middle-Length Straight

On the fourth place of the most attractive hairstyle for men lands Middle-Length Straight. Simple hair cut with very nice layers, this should be perfect in you are blonde.

Short Boyish Haircut

This is the new trend in hairstyling nowadays and this has made a great impact especially when international celebrities such as Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway tried them in their movies. This hairstyle gives major emphasis on the facial features and gives that impression of overflowing confidence and style.

So these are the top five hairdos that men five attractive the most. However, trying them on you could be a lot tricky as the hairstyle sometimes matches distinct physical attributes such as your height, jaws, hairline, and etc. So if you want a new hairstyle to make yourself more attractive to men, it is best that you consult a professional hairstylist.

But there are also several things women must remember about men. Men love sniffling and curling your hair in their fingers. So whatever hairstyle you choose, just always keep your hair manageable and smooth. Avoid too much hair treatment as it may only damage your hair, and often wash your hair to keep it clean.

So there you have it. Once you have that hairstyle perfect for you with your hair just as perfect, then all you need to wear is your winning smile and confidence. So do not be surprised if men cannot help but get attracted to you.

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