Hairstyles that Attract Men – Find Out Which One

hairstyleMost women spend hours in beauty salons to have their hair styled and make them more attractive. But before those scissors touch your hair, there are several things you need to know, the hairstyles that attract men.

Aside from your body curves and sexy body built, the nest thing men find most attractive about women is their hairstyle. And according to the respondents of a poll in Unites States, here are the hairstyles that men find most attractive.

Long and Flowing Wavy Hair

The recent poll revealed that men find long and flowing wavy hair the sexiest and most attractive. In general men love long hair flowing freely down your back. It gives them the impression that you are cool and confident about your appearance. So if you have that long hair, get your rollers and start curling your hair.

Long and Straight

The hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston placed second. Classy men find long, straight, and silky hair attractive. It gives the impression of a well-bred personality as well as being neat and orderly.

Classical Short Bob
Rihanna sure is sexy and attractive as well as her hairstyle. Classical Short Bob is next in line of the most attractive hairstyle for men. This hairstyle gives emphasis on the jaws and facial attributes of a lady. But this hairstyle does not fit everybody, some considerations should be made before you try this hairstyle.

Middle-Length Straight

On the fourth place of the most attractive hairstyle for men lands Middle-Length Straight. Simple hair cut with very nice layers, this should be perfect in you are blonde.

Short Boyish Haircut

This is the new trend in hairstyling nowadays and this has made a great impact especially when international celebrities such as Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway tried them in their movies. This hairstyle gives major emphasis on the facial features and gives that impression of overflowing confidence and style.

So these are the top five hairdos that men five attractive the most. However, trying them on you could be a lot tricky as the hairstyle sometimes matches distinct physical attributes such as your height, jaws, hairline, and etc. So if you want a new hairstyle to make yourself more attractive to men, it is best that you consult a professional hairstylist.

But there are also several things women must remember about men. Men love sniffling and curling your hair in their fingers. So whatever hairstyle you choose, just always keep your hair manageable and smooth. Avoid too much hair treatment as it may only damage your hair, and often wash your hair to keep it clean.

So there you have it. Once you have that hairstyle perfect for you with your hair just as perfect, then all you need to wear is your winning smile and confidence. So do not be surprised if men cannot help but get attracted to you.

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